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Frequently Asked Questions

This section is being regularly amended and added to, please check back for updates.

What is your lead time?

Currently (February 2024), for most sizes lead times are around 2 weeks, more for some non standard sizes, less for cores that can be recut from stock lengths.

Do you have capacity to supply new customers at this time?

Yes, with our recent move to a new bigger plant, we have new capacity that has opened up. Please get in touch to talk about your requirements.

Can you send me a price list of all of your core sizes?

With many thousands of combinations of sizes possible, and different strength grades, all pricing is supplied by request. By using the contact form on this website you will be providing all the information we need to collate a price list for you. 

We do have a Label Core Price List available for download containing just the pricing for just a few of our more common label core sizes

What is the minimum order amount?

Most of our sizes are custom made and it depends on the size. 

  • For custom made cores, MOQ is normally 200-400 lineal metres depending on the spec. 

  • For label cores that can be cut from stock lengths, MOQ normally 2 cartons per width.

  • For stock sizes, 3 cartons minimum order, 1 carton each size.

Please send through your quote request via our Quote form and we will let you know.

What cores do you keep in stock?

Most of cores and tubes are made to order. We do keep a few of our most popular label core sizes as stock lines, these being:

(Internal Diameter x Wall thickness x Length)

  • 76.9x3x100mm

  • 76.9x3x75mm

  • 76.9x3x50mm

  • 76.9x3x25mm

  • 40.5x1.8x40mm

  • 38.8x1.8x50mm

  • 38.8x1.8x25mm

  • 25.8x3x102mm 

We hope to have these available for purchase via our web page in the not too distant future​

Are you FSC Certified and are your products environmentally friendly?

We do not have FSC certification, however all of our coreboard suppliers do. With the exception of a small component of kraft paper which is used in some cores, and some specialty outer plies, all of our coreboard that we use is made from 100% recycled paper. 

We aim to keep waste as low as possible, and all of our paper and core waste is picked up on a regular basis by our local paper recycler. 

What is your return policy?

As most of our goods are made to order, we cannot accept returns, unless the goods are faulty.

Can you help with my small order request?

Sorry we are primarily a make-to-order business to business manufacturer, and are not well set up to deal with retail type walk-ins or small order requests.

However we hope to have some of our regular stock lines, as well as over-runs etc, available to purchase via our website in the not too distant future. 

How do I place an order?

To start the ball rolling please send through a quote request via our website’s Quote Request section.

Where can you ship products to?

We are based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia and have our regular driver doing several loads per day across Melbourne with a 14 pallet truck. For inner suburbs or sites where large truck access is difficult we use courier trucks and charge at cost.

We have Australia wide interstate deliveries picked up most days by our regular carriers. For certain regional areas that they do not service, we will ask you to arrange pick up by your own carrier. Please note for interstate deliveries we can no longer quote cores and tubes on a delivered basis, freight will be charged separately at cost due to frequent changes in freight pricing.

Please note that unfortunately we are no longer able to arrange deliveries to residential addresses, due to access issues with our own truck, and the difficulties in anticipating surcharges etc up front when using couriers. We will assist you by providing all of the information you will need to arrange pick up via your own carrier. 

We are not set up to arrange export of goods, however if you are able to organise the freight and the paperwork we can package and invoice goods for export, subject to capacity.

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