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Our products

Gabbin produces custom paper tubes and cores for a variety of industries across Australia. All of our cores are made with FSC certified coreboard made from recycled paper (with the exception of some outer ply finishes), and are fully recyclable.

While we do keep some of our most popular lines in stock, the majority of our work is custom made to order. We have tooling to produce custom cores ranging from 12mm up to 450mm inside diameter (ID), and wall thicknesses are produced from 1.5 mm up to 13.5 mm. Our cores can be cut to lengths as short as 10mm depending on the specification.

Tape, Label and Paper Roll Cores

  • Standard sizes in stock or made-to-order.

  • Stick lengths in stock for many IDs and wall thicknesses, allowing fast turnaround times for non-standard lengths.

  • Gabbin has one of the largest automated core-cutting facilites in Australia, for smooth, burr-free, blade-cut cores with tight tolerances.

  • Available with printed inner or outer liner (for repeat orders, subject to minimum order quantities).

  • Click here to get instant pricing for our stock label cores and a few of our most common label core sizes

Industrial and Converting Cores

Gabbin is well known in the converting industry for producing cores with the strength and consistency that is crucial when rewinding materials onto cardboard cores.

  • We supply many of Australias leading converters of paper, flexible films, foils, plastics, carpets, fabrics and many more.

  • Medium, High and Extra-High density material available.

  • Superior quality and crush strength, with consistent OD (Outside Diameter).

  • Our drying facility enables us to over-dry cores, preventing shrinkage of cores post-delivery.

  • We have the space to allow customers to order recurring lines in advance and call on cores for next or same day delivery when required.

  • Available with different finishes such as white or full kraft outer ply or coloured stripes for identity.

Packaging and Mailing Tubes

Ideal for mailing and storage of posters, calendars, documents, fishing rods, lightweight parts etc.

White, brown or red outer finish available.

Plastic end caps available to fit 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 76mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 125mm, 154mm ID (Internal Diameter) Tubes. Please note we do not sell caps on their own, only as part of our mailing tube product.

Due to all mailing tubes being custom made, orders are subject to a minimum order quantity of 200-400 metres of tubing depending on diameter.

When ordering or requesting a quote please remember to add 10mm at each end to the length required, to allow for the end caps.

Other Uses

We can produce cores and tubes for just about any use you may need them for. Some of the many other uses our cores and tubes are used for include :

  • Industrial Tubes - for packaging/protection of items such as steel, blinds, car components.

  • Concrete Form Tubes - used in the building industry for pouring in-ground round concrete columns (we are unable to provide any special coatings).

  • As components of a myriad of products such as cable reels, loudspeakers, cardboard crates, cat furniture, fireworks and even beehives!

Send Us a Quote Request

At Gabbin we have many standard lines, as well as the tooling to custom make a myriad of diameters and thicknesses. 


Most sizes, including all mailing tubes, are custom made and subject to minimum order quantities. Please see our FAQ page for more information. 

Please fill out the details of the sizes(s) you require and we will be in touch with you soon.

25/10/2023 : WE ARE MAKING CHANGES TO OUR WEB FORM AND QUOTATION PROCESS, please be patient while we iron out the bugs!

Follow this link if you would like instant pricing for our stock label core lines. For other sizes please use the form below. 

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